Cup Drawing

During our line unit we used 4 different kinds of lines and some shading to draw the same cup 4 different ways. The first way we used contour line and demonstrated how varying the line between thick and thin can give a drawing form. We then used shading to draw the second cup to show it three dimensionally. Our fourth drawing we used cross hatching as a way to use lines for shading. Then finally we used a continuous line where you did not lift your pencil off of the paper to create a shaded and quick sketch. This is usually the most challenging since we are all used to being able to lift out pencils and realign any mistakes.

Form Assignment

This assignment is about learning to shade and make a flat shape look like a three-dimensional form. We used colored pencils to add value(shading) to make the forms we drew look like they are three dimensional. The students used colored pencils to make the forms. We walked through the process step by step on the document camera and the students were left to shade the project on their own.

Shape Drawing

Each grade level was given an example of several shape compositions and asked to create their own version of the shape drawing. Students used shapes in a unique way and colored them with colored pencil. The student’s craftsmanship in using the color pencil, the uniqueness of their composition, and their attention to detail are all considered when giving the students their grades. Please see the examples of exemplary work below.