The Principles of Design


The principles of Design are a crucial piece into understanding how to arrange the elements of art into your artwork. Remember the elements? Line, shape, color, value(shading), texture, form(3-D Shapes), and space. Using these elements to create your artwork help put the language of art into your work. Everyone was given a worksheet the day we left school that has the elements listed. You are to write the definition of each element of art as it pertains to the art world and then draw your own illustration of each principle in the space given. You will cut out the pieces of the principles and then stack them according to size and staple them. These should be put into your sketchbook so you can refer back to them. They are a good resource to have. I am including a video of the same teacher who we watched for the face drawings. I think she does a fantastic job with explaining the principles and how they are used. Developing your composition when you create art is a very important skill to have. I know our semester is winding down. Keep doing amazing work! We are almost done. If you need the pdf of the principles I have also attached it here.