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Here are samples of my personal work.
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Digital Portfolio Title Page

Artist Statement

As an artist I work in very realistic rendering and mostly in pen and ink. My favorite method to work in is drawing in stippling completely. I like the ultimate control I have over every dot as I watch an image appear from the blank page. I like the repetitive motion of adding the dots and creating different values with them. I also like the end result of the realistic image when I am finished.

I have always been a doodler. I have always been comfortable doodling pictures in the margins of all of my papers growing up or filling a whole page with zentangles in sharpie. I have recently started creating more abstract pieces but still find the fluidity difficult for me to allow to happen. I feel like I have a tendency to overwork a project and take it beyond where it appears to be finished.

Art for me is an activity to be done to take my focus off of the world around me and completely concentrate on the one act of creating a new image. I like to create artwork that is beautiful in my opinion. Beauty is my way of escaping the ugly in this world. Creating something that brings me joy in the outcome when things outside are beyond my control.