VA Comp

I am very excited to be teaching your students in the Visual Arts Comprehensive High School Credit course. This course is year long and will count for high school credit with a passing grade. There are several requirements from Cobb County School district for this course. Each student will be required to create a online digital portfolio. We will be setting up websites and adding your students artwork images once we get the sites up. I will walk your students through building their webpages as well as posting quality images to show their work in the best way possible. These websites have been used by students in Cobb County to apply for scholarships, be accepted into fine arts programs and colleges. So it is very important for these sites to be complete and creative. I have web design experience and we will discuss the many aspects of web design as part of this building process. We will be using a free hosting platform so there will be no cost to you.

The list of supplies for your student is not long or extensive. I hope to be able to supply all other materials through the school. Each student should provide a spiral bound sketch book, 2 HB artist pencils, metal hand held pencil sharpener, and white polymer eraser. These artist pencils have a softer lead than the usual graphite school pencil. The spiral bound notebook is also extremely important since we will be using it to take notes and for small assignments. These supplies can be found at any art and craft stores, Walmart, Target and also sometimes Office Depot and Staples. Please email me and let me know if there is any issue getting these supplies. I can see about getting supplies for your student. I do not want any student to miss out on this opportunity because of supplies.

The assignments for this course will be listed on this blog as they are assigned. If you ever have any questions please contact me. Email is the best route to reach me.