E-Learning Information During the Cobb County School Closure

Hello Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to distance learning! This is new territory for all of us. Thank you for being patient during this time of new getting routines set so learning can continue during this new phase of digital learning. After researching the best options for our unique situation as an art class, I have settled on using two platforms to try and keep things simple. “Remind” for messaging and “Edmodo” for our online classroom.

It is the expectation of CCSD and Griffin Middle School Administration that students continue to learn during this time out of the classroom. On Friday, each student was sent home with a packet of worksheets and sketchbook prompts. The file for those worksheets is attached to this email and will also be posted on Edmodo. Students who did not already have sketchbooks also received a small amount of sketchbook paper to complete assignments on. These assignments will be given throughout the next few weeks and are not all due unless assigned by me. I just wanted them to have something in their hands since we had such a quick turn of events. I am hoping that they can use art as a way to express themselves through this experience.

A few supplies you may want to get for your students to help them create art during their time of distance learning are:

Watercolor paint and paintbrush

  • Markers
  • Fine point sharpie
  • Regular sharpie
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sketchbook (if they don’t have one already)

Please use the following links to add your student to our classes on Edmodo and Remind:


Instructions for Joining Edmodo:

Instructions for Students:

  1. Visit edmodo.com using your smartphone or computer.
  2. Click or tap “Get Started as a Student.”
  3. Follow the instructions on your screen.
  4. Use your class code:******.

Instructions for Parents:

  1. Visit edmodo.com using your smartphone or computer.
  2. Click or tap “Get Started as a Parent.”
  3. Follow the instructions to create an account.
  4. When prompted, enter your child’s class code: ******.

6th Grade Art – mnsjyn
7th Grade Art – dwin9b
8th Grade Art – zrn3a9
VA Comp – vqjzb6


To join individual classes:
Send a text to 81010 with the following class code for your class.

6th Grade Art – @wongart6th
7th Grade Art – @wongart7th
8th Grade Art – @wongart8th
VA Comp – @wongvacomp

All assignments will be posted in Edmodo. The Remind App will let you know as assignments are added and due dates approach. This will help take out some of the guess work for you and your student. If you have any questions for me at any time please feel free to message me through the apps or through email.

I am a parent as well. We are all in this together. Please have your student share this information with any friends who may not have gotten this email so they can also be included in our online learning.

Thank you for all your support!

Mrs. Wong


Your First Sketchbook Assignment can be found here: March 16, 2020



Please join 7th Grade Administrator,  Mr. Langston,  on Snapchat to compete in weekly reading competitions while at home. To enter for your opportunity to compete and be recognized, please do the following steps below.

  1. Join the following Snapchat below.
  2. Take pictures of daily books/articles/postings etc. you are reading while away from school.
  3. Always tag Mr_langstongms in posts of, while using the hashtag #GriffinStudentsRead

Happy Reading Everyone 😊