Art Criticism

What is art Criticism?

Art Criticism is how we analyze, interpret and evaluate a work of art. There are several methods to art criticism but we will focus on the Feldman Method in particular. The Feldman method was developed as a way to look at and analyze a piece of art for further reflection. As we analyze art, or criticize it, we look at it with a very critical eye. We take the time to really look at the piece of artwork in a detailed way. Taking a much closer and thoughtful look at the artwork so we can get a better understanding of the work of art.

Learning to look at art art helps you develop critical thinking skills. It helps you to take the time to absorb the artwork’s intended meaning or to make assumptions of the meaning if a description is not available. Using the description given at a museum or website is a good starting point to better understand the artwork, who created it, when it was made, the medium used to make it, etc. Knowing the details of the painting can help give it some context. Was it created during a war? Is it making a social/political statement? Were social norms different then? Why was the artist’s message important at that time?


  • Critique – discussion or evaluation of visual art. The process by which a person evaluates a work of art.
  • Analyze – the use of the description of the elements of art and principles of design in an artwork.
  • Medium – the artistic tool used to create a work of art such as paint, clay, pen, ink, graphite, etc.
  • Interpretation – Describing the content or meaning of an artwork.
  • Feldman Method – the four steps used to critique an artwork. Description, Analysis, Interpretation, and judgement/evaluation.

Your Assignment

Please watch the following video about the Feldman Method of art Criticism:

Now use this document to critique the following artwork.

Now complete the worksheet using the description on the first page and fill in the last page with your observation of the painting below. You can link to a larger image by clicking on the image of the painting below.