About Me

Hello! I am Mrs. Wong and I want to tell you a few things about me. I am originally from California. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Art – Drawing and Painting from California State University Long Beach. I am currently getting my Masters in Teaching from Kennesaw State University. I am married to my wonderful husband Toby, and we have four boys. Our boys range in age from 18-8.  We have lived all over the world, literally in two other countries and  two other states since we have been married.

We are happy to be settled here in Georgia! We love so many things about this  beautiful state. We are thankful to live in Cobb County where there is so much to do and such wonderful opportunities for our boys!

I am a soccer fan and enjoy watching my sons play soccer and baseball. My boys are also musicians. Three of them have been in their school orchestras and with some luck we may have our own string quartet someday!

I am also an artist. Please go to my digital portfolio to see some examples of my work. You will find it here.

I have been working as a freelance web designer and social media manager for several clients around the country. I love working in digital format just as much as I do in the traditional artistic mediums.

I am really excited to get to know your students! I look forward to helping them nurture their creativity and become more confident in their abilities. I believe art is a very subjective class. Each persons level of success is based on their effort more than their perceived level of ability.