6th Grade Art

Your student has 6th grade art! We will be creating art in a variety of media such as clay, paint, printmaking, ink, charcoal, graphite and more! We will be learning about several famous artists and art movements while we create our artwork. I hope your student has fun exploring their creativity and learning new things.

Each student has been asked to provide 2 artist HB or 2B pencils, a white eraser and spiral bound 9 x 12 inch sketchbook. These supplies can be purchased at any art supply store like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. They can also be found at Walmart, Target, and some office supply stores. All other supplies will be provided by the school. If there is any issue with getting these supplies please email me and let know so I can make sure your student has the supplies they need. I do not want anyone to miss out on art because of lack of supplies.

All class assignments will be posted on this blog once they have been assigned. Most work will be done in the class. There will also be catch up days for students needing extra time on their projects. If you ever have any questions about assignments or your student’s grades please email me.